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Tivua Island for the win! 11.22.23
Fiji Tour 11.22.23
Fiji welcomes us as Family 11.20.23
Christchurch,NZ 11.19.23
Mt. Cook … where are you? 11.17.23
Lord of the Rings and an Old Time Steamship 11.16.23
Kia Ora ( Hello) New Zealand 11.15.23
Our Last Day in Australia 11.13.23
Long Drive Across the Outback 11.12.23
Bush Dinner and Bucket List Item 11.10.23
Long Days start at 3:15am 11.9.23
Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef 11.7.23
New Day, New City 11.6.23
Last day in Sydney 11.5.23
Arrival and Days 1 &2 11.4.23
Ready to travel again…Whoopee 10.21.23
Home Sweet Home 10.17.21
Rail Bikes in the Adirondacks 10.16.21
We Loved Vermont and The Green Mountains 10.14.21
Waterfalls and Jewels along the Way 10.13.21
The Kancamagus Scenic Byway Lived Up To It’s Billing! 10.12.21
Goodbye Maine, Hello New Hampshire 10.11.21
Acadia Rocks! Literally! 10.10.21
Hunting Lighthouses Again 10.10.21
Two new states for me…a teeny bit of New Hampshire and Maine 10.8.21
“Don't fire til you see the whites of their eyes” 10.7.21
Cape Cod Lighthouses- Wow! 10.6.21
Mansions and Rocky Cliffs 10.5.21
Over the Bridge and Up the Coast 10.5.21
On the road again 10.4.21
Northeast! Yes, please! 9.28.21
It’s over? 2.19.20
Learning so much 2.18.20
Jerusalem ...Jerusalem 2.17.20
Heading South- following the Jordan River 2.16.20
Day 3 in the books 2.15.20
Valentine’s Day 2.14.20
Heading North 2.13.20
Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea 2.12.20
And the Journey Begins 2.11.20
Israel trip is approaching 2.3.20
Yellowstone flows into Grand Tetons 6.27.17
Yellowstone IS all it's cracked up to be 6.25.17
Heading to Bozeman, Montana 6.23.17
Wildlife sightings 6.22.17
Day Three spent in South Dakota 6.19.17
Mt Rushmore and the Black Hills 6.18.17
Go West, Gerber's 2017 6.18.17
Time Flies When You're Having Fun 10.9.16
Turkeys, Eagles and Fawns, O My 10.8.16
Alabama 10.7.16
More Rolling Hills 10.6.16
French School and Big Ed's BLTs 10.5.16
Talk About a Level Ride 10.4.16
Tour at Vicksburg Took Precedence over Cycling? 10.3.16
The Ponies Are Out of the Gate! 10.2.16
One day to sightsee before the ride begins 10.1.16
The New Adventure Begins 9.30.16
440 Miles Cycling the Natchez Trace 9.28.16
We have arrived home...Happy 35th Anniversary 8.30.15
One more sleep to go 8.28.15
Illness hits the Hobars 8.27.15
Denali National Park...We have arrived 8.25.15
We saw Denali and Sheep Mountain 8.24.15
Day 8 and we are halfway thru our vacation 8.22.15
Moose Surprise!! 8.21.15
Cruising the Kenai Fjords 8.20.15
Anchorage to Seward...what a gorgeous drive 8.19.15
Travel Days are Needed on vacations 8.19.15
Disappointment followed by Discovery 8.17.15
Our first glacier up close and personal 8.16.15
North to Alaska...going north the rush is on 8.15.15
Alaska 2015 8.4.15
Celebrate good times, c'mon! 10.21.13
It Was A Photo Finish 10.20.13
All that's left is the PROLOGUE! 10.19.13
Wouldn't you like to ride a dune buggy for a day 10.18.13
California Dreamin' 10.17.13
Boring is better 10.16.13
By the Time I Get to Phoenix.... 10.15.13
Globe AZ -Typical mining town for gold and copper 10.14.13
Arizona...2 states to go 10.13.13
Putting in the miles 10.12.13
Continental Divide Conquered 10.11.13
Look what the wind blew in 10.10.13
Windy Day Blows Us Into Socorro 10.9.13
Old friends, New friends 10.8.13
New Mexico...Land of Enchantment? 10.7.13
Three different wheel touches leaves minor injuries 10.6.13
Forecast : Cool and Windy 10.5.13
Where did civilization go? 10.4.13
Wichita Falls or Bust 10.3.13
Veering off 82 10.2.13
Day 11 of our Pony Ride 10.1.13
Where's Waldo? 9.30.13
Hello Arkansas 9.29.13
Holmes County? Are we back in Ohio 9.28.13
Double Down Day 9.27.13
It's a down day...we are only doing 80+ miles 9.26.13
99 miles in the books today 9.25.13
Can't find a hotel...where in the world is Shorter? 9.24.13
Experimental Video 9.24.13
Who are those guys? They sure are sweaty! 9.23.13
Smile, You're on Candid Camera 9.23.13
From Rain to Sunshine...We Pedal On 9.22.13
A Big Thumbs Up for Day 2 Ride 9.21.13
Pony Tour de USA 9.20.13
TODAY'S THE DAY !!! 9.19.13
Meet Wynn (the one who started this dream) 9.14.13
Two weeks out... 9.7.13
Meeting the Team Members 8.19.13
It's all in the name... 8.13.13
Planning, Planning, Planning! 8.5.13
54 Days out 7.29.13
Blog is up and running 7.26.13
Ready or not...Here we come! 7.25.13