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Valentine’s Day

So nice to spend my day with my sweetie in Israel

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We are staying at a Kibbutzim hotel on the East side of Galilee. We enjoy having our own private room and it even has a small fridge and sitting area. We are in room 222 on the far end of the hotel cottages. Here are a few pictures from our walk this morning to breakfast.

We had a very full day today starting with the delicious breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It was a history lesson much of today as we started off learning the history behind the ownership of the Golan Heights. We drove up the road and was about to look at the area by the Syrian border, but we were completely fogged in. On top of that fact was that Israel had executed an airstrike against Damascus in the middle of the night. We heard the Jets and the Apache helicopters. It actually woke us both up. The second two pictures here are of old Syrian bunkers left behind when Israel annexed the Golan Heights.

So we went down the mountain and drove to Caesarea Philippi. We learned all about the alters to the god, pan and then went on to see the palace of Hered Agrippa located there. The cave was pretty impressive.


Then we went to visit the Tel Dan and reviewed the Old Testament history of when the 10 northern tribes separated and set up their own worship. We saw the site where the golden calf would have been standing and we could also see over into the border of Lebanon. I’m also including a picture of Pastor John and Pastor Brian who led our devotionals at different locations and on the bus.


Then it was time for our Saints Peter’s fish dinner. Of course I had chicken. But I think you will find the pictures quite impressive of those who ate fish.
we really enjoyed the variety of appetizers and bread at this stop.

Our first stop after lunch was to see in ancient fisherman‘s boat. This had been preserved and again dated back before the time of Christ. It is amazing to see how they dug it out of the sand and preserved it. On the way out of this museum we saw some interesting bike art that I thought we could do with some of Wynn‘s old bikes.

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the town of Capernaum. This is where Jesus did a lot of his public ministry and we saw the home of Peter’s mother-in-law where Jesus probably stayed. We also saw the synagogue that was built there by a centurion. The picture you see of Wynn and I sitting on the steps is taken where the stones were the same as when Jesus was there. I love when we read the passages right from the scripture that have to do with the places that we are visiting and the sites that we are seeing.

We did a lot of walking today over some terrain that was pretty slippery and rocky. I was glad I had my hiking stick along with me. We saw some beautiful sites where the Jordan River was rushing. Tomorrow we will be at a quieter location of the Jordan.

We finished the day with dinner back at the kibbutz dining room. And then we will be heading back to our room to recharge for tomorrow. No sunset pictures today as it was too cloudy to see the sun. I couldn’t believe how high the waves were and the whitecaps on the sea of Galilee. So thankful that we got to have our sunset cruise yesterday. We didn’t see many boats out today. Until tomorrow…

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Heading North

Caesarea Maritime and Galilee

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Where do I begin? It was 26 years ago that we visited Israel for the first time. It still overwhelms me. We spent the first part of the morning going down to see the archaeological digs at Caesarea Maritime. Even though there were so many ancient stones and carvings, there was still ongoing concerts in the amphitheaters, fishing going on along the ancient docks where Herod’s Palace once stood. I will include a few pictures here. When I return to the states, I will add all of my pictures to my FaceTime albums. But for now, suffice it to say that I was awed once again. Herod the great had this port city built to please the Romans. It was a place of Entertainment, such as chariot races and track events. But it also posted political arguments. Even the apostle Paul was brought here for trial before Herod. This was the city that Cornelius the centurion left in. So much Bible history right before our eyes. 8EB63323-7CF1-4679-8A1D-B0422F40842F.jpeg3242B58E-7A58-4DB1-A582-084914DEDA2D.jpegDB12C3E3-2183-47A0-968D-4833E21DEA3A.jpeg2E36E893-53A1-4006-990A-6403454AEB1E.jpeg196BB2D5-6837-4F18-9748-9ADEAB290FA4.jpeg98258F58-EE0A-4BD2-897E-DBA7100EB646.jpegCD9A622A-1D3A-4A37-AB97-FA5920159939.jpeg8F95B004-584E-4B2F-9D47-72E9D810F1C3.jpeg

Our next stop was at the ancient aqueduct that ran through Caesarea.

This next picture is what will happen if we don’t get back on the bus at the time the guide says to be back on the bus…3B9C663B-452A-4F84-B7CE-1C3BEECEC1F5.jpeg

Our next stop was at a monastery up on Mount Carmel. It was a beautiful view of the Valley of Megiddo. In the Old Testament this was called the Jezreel Valley. Pastor Brian challenged us with the question, do we believe that God is enough? We are learning quite a lot about the meaning of Israeli words and their significance and both the past and future meanings. 0FC1E849-A7E2-45BD-B90B-2AC7245C215D.jpeg5896F4F1-A9B9-499D-BE5E-16000C0C8517.jpeg

We ate at a small eatery owned and operated by the Druze people. Our lunch choices were schnitzel or Schwarma or falafel. I chose schnitzel in a pita.

Then we stopped at Tel Meggido and learned the story of past battles and future events in that Valley. So many battles fought in this valley and more to come.

Our next stop was at Mount Arabel, where we had an extraordinary view of the sea of Galilee. Pastor John had us draw apart and have a quiet time. Reminded us how Jesus often drew apart to pray.


Then I was very surprised that we actually drove down the mountain and took a sunset boat trip on the sea of Galilee. Look at my Facebook page to see the dance that the boat captain taught us. The name of our boat was the Promised Land. God gave us a beautiful sunset.

Our overnight will be at the Ma’agon -The same place we stayed 26 years ago. Right on the shores of Galilee. We had dinner there, another buffet. I will probably gain 100 pounds!

So I leave you with a good night and a picture of the Rose of Sharon. This flower is in bloom now as we go along the hillside of Galilee.

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