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It's all in the name...

Why the name, "PONY RIDE"?

So you might have asked yourself, why is this newest adventure named, "The Pony Ride"? With several members of the riding team being [u]Lord of the Ring[u] fans, Bilbo Baggins had a quote that capped off our first meeting together.

Bilbo was sadly reflecting that Adventures are not all pony-rides in May-sunshine.” Bilbo the Hobbit had this reflection during a particularly dispiriting day on his pony in the early days of his adventure. It was rainy and gloomy, he was cold, and pining for his favorite chair in front of a warm fire. The troop was quiet, too grumpy to talk. The initial euphoria of the adventure had worn off now the hard work ahead, but this is just when the real adventure begins!

Our group knows that a lot of hard work and sweat is ahead of us yet, this is where the real adventure will begin. In under 6 weeks we will begin our journey. We know that we will see new things along the way and hope to meet new people as we journey across. We decided that our "Pony Ride" will start on September 21st in Savannah, Georgia. The "ponies" are getting ready to roll. New tires, innertubes, grease, chains are being stockpiled and are ready to be packed. Wynn even got a new pair of sandals equipped with clips so that he can have a change of shoes.

Colleen purchased a couple of foam rollers for after the riding is done for the day. What is foam rolling? It's a method of myofascial self release using a foam roller. ( included is a link to a pinterest board that shows many different ways to use a foam roller for myofascial self release.)
Basically you roll back and forth on the roller, targeting the area you want to loosen up. It's so very helpful after cycling and even before to loosen up the inevitably tight and sore areas of the legs and back and shoulders. Although it can feel a bit painful during the process, it feels sooo good afterwards. Recovery will be important on the trip so every advantage will be tried.

We had a night to practice packing the SAG wagon and it appears that the ponies, riders and gear will all be able to fit. I will be driving a Toyota Sienna minivan for the adventure, equipped with a bike rack on the back and a carrier on the top. The ponies are getting restless and are eager to embark on the journey. Stay tuned to meet the riders...

Always the SAG master,

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Planning, Planning, Planning!

A little over 6 weeks to go

Wynn's update for this week of prep,
"Nothing much new is happening this week, but we continue to try to take as much of the unknown out of our trip as we can. One item we
are focusing on is trying to do our own food prep, instead of eating out each night. This should help us better control what we are taking in
nutritionally during our trip. So for the next 7 weeks, our SAG (aka Brenda) will need to try to do some food prep on an alternative source of
cooking (camp stove, small grill, etc.). Honey, we’ll try not to ruin your good cooking pots and pans."

For those unfamiliar with cycling, on a trip of this nature, it is necessary to have turn-by-turn instructions for each rider to ensure we stay en route to San Diego. So, we continue to familiarize ourselves with the route and are preparing route sheets for each of us. This past week, Colleen found a blog from a person looking for information on the same route that we are taking. He is planning this very ride in March 2014. In fact, he grabbed a lot of good information from the same website that started establishing our route for this trip. The most revealing bit of information from this blog was that there is a tunnel through the mountains on our route from Bylas, AZ to Mesa, AZ (projected day 24 of riding). One blogger stated ‘heading west you'd be coming down a 6% grade hurling towards a narrow tunnel against the guard rails with possibly some dump trucks carrying copper ore from the mines on your tail. I personally would never ride that road again until they've improved it’. Another writes ‘The Queen Creek tunnel between Globe AZ and Superior AZ is not too bad, but you will hit the entrance at pace. I found that as I entered it at pace, I quickly realized that I couldn't see the edge of the road, so I veered out as far left as I dared. It is not particularly long and you will pass through it fairly quickly. It is better to be descending than climbing through this tunnel’. Turns out that the tunnel is about a quarter of a mile, so we should be in the tunnel less than 1 minute.

(Intel such as this will help us as we go. Again, we are trying to take out as many surprises as we can from our journey. Stay tuned.)

On a personal note from Brenda: Hooray for me! My sister-in-law, Karen will be joining the SAG team for the first part of our trip. She was my college roomie at Cedarville back in the day and then married Wynn's brother so she is indeed a double blessing to me. Welcome aboard the Pony Ride, Karen. Looking forward to some good times in just a few weeks!

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54 Days out

How do you train for something like this anyways?

As we get closer to departure date, I will be introducing you to Wynn's teammates on this great adventure. They will be actively taking part in this blog as well. My husband is 58 years old. He has been on many adventures with me; Carribean cruises, Hawaii, Hiking Grand Canyon, Israel,ect...He is always excited to go and enjoys any adventure I put together for us. But this trip is his baby! And I hope it is indeed the trip of a lifetime for him. Wynn sent this to be posted today.

So, what are the three of us doing these days? Well, first of all, we are riding our bicycles frequently. Yesterday, we rode a 35 mile ride south from Berea/Metro Parks and returned on Station Road in Columbia. We will meet again to ride on Wednesday at our club ride, the Silver Wheels, a club centered out of Oberlin.

I was without my #1 bicycle for the past two weeks getting repairs done on it. I pretty much have a new bicycle now, including repairs that I had done in the spring of this year. Closer to the leaving date, I will throw on a couple of new tires, all of which I hope will take me the 2,600 miles. In the two week void, I was using bike #2 that my boss graciously gave to me several years ago (thank you).

The three of us will be meeting in a week or so, to go over more details of the trip – mapping of the route, practice packing of our van that we are taking (hopefully we will have enough room), compare lists of items that we are taking to be prepared as best as possible.

That is it for now. I have to save some more for later posting.

Wynn (known affectionately to my wife as "Schwynn")

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Blog is up and running

We'll be in Savannah in less than 2 months...

I am working hard to learn how to use this blog. I am trying to insert pictures and videos and also trying to learn how to include our daily map. The riders are working hard to get in shape, riding many miles each week. I am looking for grilling and crockpot recipes that will make easy meals for along the way. Hotels have been researched and we hope to book as we go along. The riders are fine tuning their bikes. Wynn gets his bike out of the shop tomorrow. He had a crack in one of his rims. These are the kinds of things that we hope happen now so the bikes are all in great riding condition! Wynn got a helmet cam that we hope to use on this trip as well.

So follow along and pray for us all as we begin the final weeks of preparation. Soon the Pony Ride will begin...

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Ready or not...Here we come!

Planning for the Pony Ride begins

sunny 76 °F

Wynn's dream team is coming together. The dream to ride across the United States on bicycles is becoming a reality. Teammates include Colleen Linn, Dan Roob and me (Brenda - I will be the SAG Master and I am Wynn's wife) We all got together and met at Colleen's on Saturday. Questions and answers, laughter and excitement surrounded our little group as we talked and made sure we were all on the same page. We talked about vehicles, hotels, eating, injuries, ect... Everyone left excited for preparation to begin in earnest.

Wynn has been busy downloading music so we can have a full playlist available to pick out the "Song of the Day" on the trip. Evelyn sent a list of songs to add to the list too. Brenda is busy putting every stop on the Scenic Drive website so we can find hotels, food and points of interests along the way. Yes, the excitement is growing and 2 months from now we will be on our way.


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