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Yellowstone flows into Grand Tetons

Days 9-11

I have to say, Idaho did not have very good internet power at the place we stayed, so I could not upload pics to do the blog. So today I will be giving the lion's share. We have started back on the routine trip so today was basically a travel day. We are presently in Casper, Wyoming and will be heading for Kearney, NE tomorrow.

But let me get back to the last day we were able to spend with Justin and Jen. They decided to come back with us to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and take us to my favorite place on this trip...the Grand Prismatic Geysers. The day started well with looking out the front window and seeing an osprey posing for us. He stayed there for over a half hour before heading on his way.

Again, the scenery took my breath away...something about snow capped mountains. We followed Justin into the park, going by main river scenes as we travelled.

When we went past a Firehole swimming sign I knew we were getting close to our first destination..the Prismatic geysers! I couldn't believe the colors we saw, the bubbling of the geysers within and the heat coming off the place. Enjoy the pics

Then of course you can't go to Yellowstone without going to see Old Faithful. We arrived in time to do the bathroom thing, hit the gift shop and buy our new calendar, and get front row seats on the bleachers!

After the show, the young Gerber's headed home to Bozeman and the old Gerber's headed out past Jenny Lake and through the South Entrance. We scouted out where we needed to come to in order to take the boat ride across to Hidden Falls. We continued to see buffalo and deer and pronghorns.

Then we drove around and saw the Jackson Hole overviews...wow! The sun sparkling off the water...nothing more to say!

We drove through the town of Jackson and caught our first fast food supper. Everyone was whooped and wanted to get to Idaho and put our feet up! Thank you Wendy's for the meal.

Driving over the Teton Pass was nervy. Wynn drove and he said going down was much more scary. 10% grade!
But we made it to Idaho and our home for the next two nights. Yes, we went back over that same pass two more times! Our lodge was nice enough, but the Internet was spotty, TV was a challenge and had to drive to a bar to get ice. Breakfast was cereal and a bagel. But I can now say I've been to Idaho. On the way back to the Tetons I. The morning we saw some beautiful poppy beds, some parachutes,and another osprey. I began to think this might be the only moose I'd see.

But we decided to take the "off-road" (kinda) path through Teton Village and were rewarded with a bear sighting. The ranger came along as quite a crowd had gathered and told us to move back as we were "much too close to a bear with a cub!"

We went to the visitor center and I saw my next moose. Ha! There were lots of flowers and once again, beautiful scenery

We took our ferry ride on Jenny Lake and had a great time hiking to the Hidden Falls. Powerful and gorgeous!

I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be the one to discover this falls for the first time!IMG_5624.jpg90_IMG_5648.jpg90_IMG_5649.jpg

We saw a rock climbing class way up on the rockface across from the falls. I decided I wanted to be a rock climber too. Wynn was not gonna be outdone!

After our Jenny Lake excursion, the boys rode their bikes to Jackson. It was a pretty path away from traffic. Karen and I went in search of the "Famous picture" site on Antelope Flats Rd. After having to message Justin to see the famous pic, that neither of us had seen, we were able to secure the shot!
We also happened upon a couple of bison beside the road. How funny that when I went to take the pic, I could line it up with a teepee in the background from someone's backyard! It was like old times on the ponyride of 2013, exploring on our own and then finding the right pick up zone.

We went to eat at Bubba's and got some mouth watering BBQ. It went down easy as none of us had lunch that day. Yum!

On the way back to our Idaho Lodge, we decided to try one more time to find a moose. We went back to drive the road to Teton Village and looked earnestly on both sides of the road. I will admit I did not have much hope of seeing one. But then we turned the corner and Wynn glanced in a clearing and said.."There's a Moose!" Of course we did not believe him until he started backing up on the road. We did indeed finally see our moose. She was hungry and was stopping to eat the leaves in the tree. Wow, she was so cool! It made me realize that in some of the silly desires of our heart are sometimes granted. What a marvelous Creator we have. So many strange and different animals, so many beautiful landscapes and fields. And such a sense of humor. Of course we saw the moose crossing sign about two miles down the road. ha!

We made the rest of the drive and over the Teton Pass back into Idaho with no problem. I will be sorry to see the Tetons go...but tomorrow we get to start home.

Day 11 began with the guys taking a bike ride. They can say they rode their bikes in every state and province that we went through. We took a little detour South to go on a little less scary pass through the mountains. We went through Swan Pass this time. It made our palms less sweaty! There was still beautiful scenery and we even saw cowboyswe only had one short pilot car through construction. How do you like the red stripes in the landscape?

We did stop at Devil's Gate as we are picking some sights to see along the Oregon Trail on our way home.

The storm clouds were forming and we tried to outpace them to Independence Rock...didn't make it. The rain was light but the lightning and the wind made climbing a poor choice. Oh well, I got a couple of pics from the car.

We made it to Casper and the Marriot Inn. Went to A Ross the Border for some Mexican food and then back to the hotel for the evening. Wynn got a workout in to get his steps and then I joined him at the pool/jacuzzi. Now to catch the sunrise and say good night. Tomorrow will be Day 12 and the trip is heading for home. Goodnight!

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Brenda good for you. I'm proud of you. You didn't let Wynnn outdo you in that rock climbing. Good girl. Sharia says Arf Arf! She will be glad to see you guys. Me too!!

by Kathy Miller

Looks like a great time!!!! Brings back many great memories! We also left Idaho by going south, there was no way I was going to pull the trailer through the pass down to Jackson?

by Phil Schaffner

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