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Meet Wynn (the one who started this dream)

6 days and counting...

We will be heading to Savannah on Thursday evening. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I want to give you a little insight into my husband and his love for riding bike. We started throwing this idea around of actually doing a ride after reading "Riding Through". Then Wynn found a blog of two riders that actually completed this ride in 29 days, averaging around 90 miles each day. We chose the southern route because it is the shortest distance across the USA and also because the weather would be favorable there in the fall. We thought the fall would be the perfect time to ride because we would have all summer to get in riding shape after our Ohio winters. At first it was going to be just Wynn on his bike and me in the van, but our good friend and fellow-rider, Colleen started talking about joining us. Then her friend, Dan jumped on board. Finally my sister-in-law, recently retired from the computer lab at a school in West Chicago, decided to come be my van partner for the first couple of weeks. So out little group of 5 are raring to go. Wynn so seldom has pushed for anything in our marriage of 33 years, but this is something he really is excited about. My prayer is that we make it across in the 29 days planned and that his dream will be all he wants it to be. I love him so! Here are the answers to his questionnaire:

1. When did you start biking? I started biking in 2003 after getting interested in watching the Tour de France. I was fascinated how far these guys
could ride in a short period of time. I also was at the end of my running days and cycling was much easier on my body.

2. What is your favorite thing about biking? Biking is a big release for me after working in an office all day. Also, I am 15-20 pounds lighter on the
average for the past 10 years since starting cycling, which certainly cannot hurt my overall health. As I grew to enjoy biking, rides became an
adventure, as length of rides were extended and I ventured out into new unexplored roads.

3. Is the Pony Ride your longest adventure? Absolutely. My average miles per year have been between 4,000-4,500 over the past five years. This
one month ride will be 2,600 miles.

4. What other fun rides have you been on? In 2009, my wife and I took a week-long tour of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, about 350-400 miles
for the week. Colleen and I have ridden RAIN twice, which is a one day ride across the state of Indiana, 160 miles in a day.

5. What are you looking forward to on our upcoming trip? First, I am looking forward to testing my biking and physical abilities. Second, I am
looking forward to meeting people as we cross the US who we can talk to and find out stories and history for their region of the USA. Finally, I am
hoping to enjoy seeing the southern states first hand from the seat of a bicycle.

tunnel_4_.jpg us82greenville01.jpgFlat_1.jpgFlat_2


I hope that we get to see lots of interesting sites, like this tunnel and this bridge, but I also know that there is the possibility of a flat or two along the way. Guess we gotta take the bitter with the sweet and we are all sure looking forward to this Pony Ride beginning soon.

Rolling along,

Posted by brendagerber07 14:57

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Looking forward to following your travels from my seat in front of the computer! Enjoy your dream and most of all, to all who are going, please stay safe.

by Barbara Hartley

I really admire that you have this dream and are going through with it! I look forward to following along - on the computer of course. Good luck to all five of you. Enjoy and be safe.

by Bobbie Buckland

Wow! So excited for you guys! This is great. Can't wait to follow your travels. Praying for safety and a dream come true.

by Lottie Krabill

Best wishes for a successful journey.

by Gary Schmitt

Wynn: If I don't run into you this week at Beacon Place, I just want to wish you the very best as you begin, do and complete you biking journey. When you have returned home after your trip, you might be interested in reading a book I'm currently reading called "Miles From Nowhere" by Barbara Savage. Back in 1978 and 1979 she and her husband Larry bicycled around the world! It's a fascinating read though I would never want to go that far. I would much prefer to just cycle in the good ole USA. Best wishes for a safe and successful biking journey.
Wendy Miller

by Wendy Miller

Wynn, have a great time! So glad Karen is going with Brenda in the sag wagon! We were wondering what she was going to do...she is faster than you! Ha! Will be thinking of you and praying that you'll have a super ride with pleasant weather!

by joleen/lonnie

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