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On Thursday night, the three of us and our SAG met for a ‘pre-packing’ party to make sure all our gear will fit into the van that we are taking on our Pony Ride. It looks good for everything fitting in. For the cyclists, it is relatively easy as our cycling kits will be what we are wearing for the majority of our trip. It looks like a small carry-on piece of luggage, a computer bag, and a ‘crate’ in the van for bicycle equipment will be sufficient for each of us. Brenda and Karen will have an extra bag for activities to do in the car (HA) We also will have some cooking equipment along and will have first aid kits and lawn chairs!

After the packing party, Ron and Joyce met us for an organizational meeting. Ron is considering riding the first week of the ride with us. It would be great if he could. In our meeting, we reviewed maps, housing arrangements, including ‘Warm Showers’, and talked about the best ways for physical recovery because we will be riding day after day.

The days are counting down toward the great adventure...I would like to introduce Wynn's teammates for this journey. All of our riders are in their 50's and 60's so I guess we can say this is a "Bucket List" adventure for all of them. Dan is our oldest member and probably has the most experience riding. He leads many tours in our local club, Silver Wheels. Dan is very knowledgable about bikes and routes and trips. His wife Ev is presently researching bike shops along the path that we will be taking. Wynn has really enjoyed meeting him. I asked him about his love of cycling and this is his reply:


"I've cycled since the early 1980's. I became more serious when Ev and I did GOBA from 1990 to 1995. After that we took many cycling trips. We did the Four Wine Valleys of California, Bryce and Zion National parks, across most of Missouri on the Katy Trail, and the trail from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.
I've also gone from Cleveland to Niagara Falls. But this will be my longest trip by far. I love cycling for the great exercise, along with the wonderful opportunity to meditate on the move. But, possibly best of all, I love the social aspect. I'm really looking forward to the camaraderie of our cycling and sag team, as well as meeting cyclists and others along the way."

Dan has also introduced us to the idea of using "Warm Showers" as we move across country. Now I had never heard of this group, but it is an organized group of folks who offer cyclists a bed and a warm shower. It is a great way to meet other cyclists across the whole country. Dan has used this before and they have found it to be helpful in getting the lay of the land, saving hotel costs and just having the pleasure of meeting other people that love to bike. We are currently seeking out this possibility for some of the nights coming up.

So with less than a month to go, the training rides are picking up. Dan is doing back to back centuries today and tomorrow and then all three riders plan to do a back to back century again on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned...we will meet Colleen next posting.
Keep riding.... Brenda (SAG Master)

Posted by brendagerber07 05:25

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Nice to meet you Dan!

I hope you are all able to take many "warm showers!"

by Margi

You said Dan is doing back to back centuries. What is a century?

by Jody Hershberger

Nice to meet you Dan!

So neat to seen ow God brings people together and what each one brings to the experience !!! Warm showers -what a opportunity, memory maker and opportunity to meet new people to enrich the adventure!!!

by Valerie

Nice pic - love that face XO Getting excited for everyone!

by Evelyn Roob

Excited for all of you. Will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Alonging with doggie happenings will stay in close touch!!!!! Ha Ha

by Evelyn Hobar

By the way.... a Century ride is 100 miles :)

by brendagerber07

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