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Why the name, "PONY RIDE"?

So you might have asked yourself, why is this newest adventure named, "The Pony Ride"? With several members of the riding team being [u]Lord of the Ring[u] fans, Bilbo Baggins had a quote that capped off our first meeting together.

Bilbo was sadly reflecting that Adventures are not all pony-rides in May-sunshine.” Bilbo the Hobbit had this reflection during a particularly dispiriting day on his pony in the early days of his adventure. It was rainy and gloomy, he was cold, and pining for his favorite chair in front of a warm fire. The troop was quiet, too grumpy to talk. The initial euphoria of the adventure had worn off now the hard work ahead, but this is just when the real adventure begins!

Our group knows that a lot of hard work and sweat is ahead of us yet, this is where the real adventure will begin. In under 6 weeks we will begin our journey. We know that we will see new things along the way and hope to meet new people as we journey across. We decided that our "Pony Ride" will start on September 21st in Savannah, Georgia. The "ponies" are getting ready to roll. New tires, innertubes, grease, chains are being stockpiled and are ready to be packed. Wynn even got a new pair of sandals equipped with clips so that he can have a change of shoes.

Colleen purchased a couple of foam rollers for after the riding is done for the day. What is foam rolling? It's a method of myofascial self release using a foam roller. ( included is a link to a pinterest board that shows many different ways to use a foam roller for myofascial self release.)
Basically you roll back and forth on the roller, targeting the area you want to loosen up. It's so very helpful after cycling and even before to loosen up the inevitably tight and sore areas of the legs and back and shoulders. Although it can feel a bit painful during the process, it feels sooo good afterwards. Recovery will be important on the trip so every advantage will be tried.

We had a night to practice packing the SAG wagon and it appears that the ponies, riders and gear will all be able to fit. I will be driving a Toyota Sienna minivan for the adventure, equipped with a bike rack on the back and a carrier on the top. The ponies are getting restless and are eager to embark on the journey. Stay tuned to meet the riders...

Always the SAG master,

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Saddle up them ponies .... and they're off!!!!

by Evelyn Roob

It is so amazing to realize you are only 6 weeks out. So much preparation and planning and anticipation and so very soon it will be a memory. Thanks for taking us along for the ride (so to speak)and I'm already praying for the appointments God has set up along the way.

by Peggy

I love that you are sharing your plans with us. Can't wait for your "Pony Ride" !

by Char Jakubec

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