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It Was A Photo Finish

Ponies are safely across and the Pony Ride has been completed

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I'm sitting at Sunset Cliffs in a rocking chair overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What a beautiful sight. There are so many emotions going through my head right now...mostly proud of my wonderful Schwynn for organizing and completing this awesome task. I'm also so incredibly proud of Dan and Colleen for being part of this journey along with Wynn and for going the distance. Karen and Evelyn were such awesome co-pilots and photographers. I am in awe of the vast and varied parts of creation that God had given us to enjoy. The oceans are where I so often find myself alone with God. His imagination and attention to detail always reminds me that He knows my name and even the number of hairs in my head...and He loves me! And I am incredibly thankful to have been able to share this trip with my husband (best friend!) Enough of my musings...it's time to show the videos and pics of the finish line. Thanks for following along with us on Pony Ride 2013.

The team started out at 7:30 this morning and rode from Alpine to Ocean Beach. It took them about three hours to ride through the city with a lot of turns and stop signs. And...they did not get lost even once! Ev and I were ready with the cameras at the end of the trail. I hope you can see the tears and joy on each face of the team and the SAG team as well.


We arrived at Ocean Beach, which is right next to Dog Beach


We were highly entertained while we waited for the ponies. So many dogs in all shapes and colors. And the same could be said about their owners. We kept track of the ponies' progress on the Find My Friends App. Finally the big moment arrived!


I think Wynn needed a moment to process the whole thing...what a huge dream now accomplished and realized.


We started the trek across the sand. We heard someone yelling Colleen's name and her and Greg's cousins (Myrna and Jim) were hurrying across the sand. They presented us all with a sunflower from the sunshine state. What a lovely thought.


Then the wheel dipping took place.


We tried to re create the jumping all together that the kids do when they are excited...we didn't seem to jump as high...hummmm


Love the looks on the faces as they were captured by the cameras.


As usual I will put up a few videos, but they will take a while to upload. It's been a privilege to write the blog for our entire team and I hope you enjoyed the trip across as much as I did. Ride on and enjoy the journey. I will post our celebration pics tomorrow!

Brenda and the ponies


Posted by brendagerber07 16:21

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Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Thanks, again, for letting us tag along! Susan

by Susan Eavenson

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

by Ev Roob

Congratulations!!!! What an awesome journey!! Thanks for letting us share it with you......now, rest up!!!
Mission accomplished!!! :)
Jim and Jill

by Jim and Jill Tyree

Today as I read your comments, it brings tears to my eyes. How good God is let you experience your dream in this life and be able to share it with those you love. Hugs and congratulations to all of you!

by Kathy

CONRATULATIONS!!! Brenda, Colleen, Dan and Wynn, the confidence and enthusiasm with witch you attained your goal is inspiring and infectious. And not only was I infected, so were you. The siren song of the open road will now be the back-round music of all that you do.

by Steve Woosley

Congratulations to ALL of you! What a great accomplishment! ...and so inspiring to those of us watching you cross the country!

God bless your return trip.

by Brad and Sue

Congratulations to you all. I can't quit smiling thinking of what an incredible adventure you have accomplished.

Go Bucks!

by Mark Mayo

CONGRATULATIONS!! What an accomplishment. Thanks for letting me follow along from the comfort of my computer. I've enjoyed the trip with all of you.


by Bobbie Buckland

You did it! Just incredible!!!!!! Relish the victory! I've enjoyed cheering for the team;)

by Margi

I can see why you'd all have tears!! What an amazing accomplishment! Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you!!

-Dan, you feet make me laugh. :)

by Jody Hershberger

Well done! Congratulations to the whole PONY EXPRESS team. On time and, hopefully, under budget. We are so impressed with your planning, perseverance, and good humor after this magnificent ride. Bask in the joy and Pacific sunset and have a safe trip back home. BRAVO! Eda & Jim

by Eda Weddington

Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! You are pros now and you made it look so smooth and easy -- even though we know it was challenging. Looking at the map to see where you are located: it appears that you are well protected by all the military bases: US Naval Air Station North Island; US Naval Amphibious Base Coronado; USMC Recruit Depot; US Marine Corps Air Station Miramar; Fort Rosecrans Military Reservation; US Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station and Outlying Field Imperial Beach (US Navy) AND you're right next to SeaWorld!

by Wendy Miller

Wow!!! We sit here filled with such joy (tears) for Wynn -your dream realized and accomplished ---tremendous!!!! Brenda- for being a wonderful help-mate(best friend) and SAG master--- Dan and Colleen- for joining Wynn on this amazing adventure and fulfilling dreams and challenges of your own!!!- for Karen and Ev-- for joining Brenda in SAG so all could be supported and memories made-----ohhhhh, the memories and smiles that will forever be in your hearts....joined together with this amazing Pony Ride 2013. And allowing sooo many of us the privilege of a "virtual" trip with you as we prayed for you at least twice daily--7:00am and Noon.(plus other times!) Looking forward to being able to hear many more stories and allow you to re-live this Experience of a lifetime !!! We love you dearly, and continue to pray for you safety coming home---- enjoy the more comfortable seats !! :)

by Phil and Valerie


by Grace

WOW! Congratulations to each and everyone of you! What an accomplishment...you fulfilled your dreams. Thank you so much for allowing all of us to follow you on this fantastic adventure and the sights along the way. Brenda...you and your SAG helpers did a fantastic job taking pictures and posting this great trip while helping the ponies along. I am in awe of what you all have done. Again, CONGRATS to all! Prayers continue for a safe return for everyone.

by Barbara Hartley

What a phenomenal experience! Congratulations to you Wynn on accomplishing your dream! Congratulations to you too, Colleen and Dan. Thank you for sharing your blog - it was such a joy to read the daily events, and the pictures were amazing. Great job to Brenda as the SAG leader and her assistants. Safe travels on your return home -


by Dorinna

So proud of you guys. Tracy and I enjoyed our night together and getting to meet you. If I am ever in the Cleveland area I may take you up on the invite.

by mike and tracy jones

Congratulation to you all! Thank you for the inspiration and for making those difficult tasks seem a little more possible.

by Joey Viny

Yay! Congrats to all of the Pony Ride participants. It was great to read the blog throughout the trip. I enjoyed the photos and daily reports. What an unforgettable experience for you guys. I'm starting my electric unicycle training soon. I've got some balancing issues I'm working on right now, but hope to solve the problem soon. Have a safe and enjoyable trip back home, reminiscing and debriefing your experience.

by Ron Hobar


by Rick


by Michael

Way to go! Congratulations! What an amazing trip! Will love to hear all of the stories that didn't make it to the blog...

by Sandy Woosley


by tony and rose barfield

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