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Day 22 in the books

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Hello all from Whitewater Hotel in sunny Glenwood, NM:

I will first try to include the pics from yesterday's trails.

Our stay up in the mountains was spectacular. The air was crisp and clean. The owner let us use the lobby for our dinner and the microwave to warm Aunt Joleen's pizza casserole. We were in bed at 8:00 Pacific Time, trying to figure out how to set our alarm so we would ride at daybreak MT. I couldn't believe when we woke up to frost on everything and temps in the low 30's. The riders got on the road at around 9:00 am Dan and Wynn road downhill at the start of the ride for at least miles.road surfaces changed throughout the day and the team ended with 62.7 miles at 13.7 mph. There was elevation change of 2050 ft. They were in the saddle 4 hours and 37 mins. . The team rode into Glenwood at 3:15pm and decided to be done for the day. We are grilling brats tonight and having a picnic to go with. We have a lovely shady spot and plenty of breeze. Sounds like a good place to rejuvenate.

Here are some sights along today's beautiful drive.

The riders are sitting around discussing whether or not they are starting to wear down. Between the wind, the terrain and the hills, it is hard to know. With only 662 miles they are gonna make it, but may need to readjust some distances per day.

I'd like to say that we finally saw a real live tarantula. He was a hairy fellow. But Dan wants you all to notice the road surface...Wynn thought maybe the Texan road crew came in to do that section of road.



So the day is in the banks and we are enjoying a rare evening off. Tomorrow we hope to make it to Safford, AZ. Happy weekend to all and an especially to my three kids and their spouses and Bret ,who are working so hard on my new kitchen. I can't wait to see you and the finished product and my five little grand girls!

Dan here:
The riders, Colleen, Wynn and I, were talking about the most difficult parts of the trip. We agreed that the hills were not the worst. The wind and road surface tie for first. The surface in Texas was by far the worst. So far New Mexico wind has Been tough to deal with. It swirls and gusts so you can't tell where it's coming from. We all agree that we can handle the hills. Even if they're 4 miles long, you just get in the right gear and grind it out.
We should enter Arizona tomorrow. Who knows what new adventures await us.

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Just a note about the last pic above. In Reserve, NM we finally met fellow long distance cyclists Dan and Julia who are also on their way to San Diego! However they started two months ago in Virginia and are taking a more leisurely although totally self-supported route PLUS they are a LOT younger.

Another note, different subject---a great big shout out to everyone who kept THE secret and to my office manager for helping to turn my vicarious dream into reality. I'm loving taking a small part in this BIG adventure!!! This
is definitely so much more than just a pony ride in May. In addition to all the bicycle riding, which is incredible, there is the daily behind-the-scene route and motel planning as well as all the daily logistics---A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO WYNN & BRENDA.

Looking forward to tomorrow's adventures.

by Ev Roob

You all are doing great. So glad Ev can join you for the rest of the trip. That's awesome. I could have done without seeing your furry little friend! Ugh. What an awesome thing to be able to catch the balloon festival too. So many fun memories.

by Karen Schaffner

I agree that wind and bad road surface are the worst and much more objectionable than hill climbing. Back in 2007 my daughter and son were on a road trip (by car) with ther aunt and uncle when they stopped at a gas station in northwestern New Mexico. I remember by daughther commenting on the horrible winds when they got out of the car and the sand and dirt that got in her eyes. If anyone asked me to ride a bike in New Mexico, I think I would decline the offer today.

by Wendy Miller

Yeaa for the sightings of the little tarantula (very docile and harmless), pronghorn and VLA. You're seeing the real New Mexico, with all it's good, bad, and ugly. We hope the rest of your journey is a beautiful coast to The Coast and that you are rejuvenated by the time you have to tackle the final hills in California. You all have demonstrated my belief that a little flexibility and good humor go a long way. Keep up the good work and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way! Onward! Cousin Eda

by Eda Weddington

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