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New Mexico...Land of Enchantment?

A round horizon without a town (Walt McDonald)

80 °F
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Welcome from Roswell, NM: no aliens in sight, yet!

Last evening we found a little Mexican Restaurant and had a wonderful meal together with Dan footing the bill


No! Not at that place....


That's more like it. But as the evening turned into night...someone in our group didn't sleep so well. Yep, a case of TexMex Tummy. So Colleen sagged along with me today. She is feeling much better this evening. I sagged the guys out to their starting point and came back to do laundry, stop in at Verizon to update my searching for NM, and explore the downtown.




I finished up and Colleen and I packed up and hit the trail.


Wynn and Dan found their way to the NM border and a sign. (Colleen and I never did see the sign. ) We knew we had passed into Mountain time by looking at our phones. We only made one wrong turn, but caught it quickly. I have to say, this is the most desolate country I have ever seen...miles and miles of dry, flat pastureland and no traffic either. So glad that no one had a breakdown out here.


By the way, please help identify this crop...we saw a lot of fields like this early on in our ride this morning. We have two different answers from locals here...what's your guess?


We caught up with the riders and tried to get some pics...why is it that we can go miles and miles without seeing a vehicle, but when we want to crawl along and take a picture, a truck appears out of nowhere?


There was a bit of plant life along the way and some great metal work on some of the gates, but what we didn't capture on camera was the big rattlesnake sunning itself on the road. I think it was as long as my arm. We went back to try and take a pic of it, thinking it was dead; but it was very much alive and had slithered off the road.


Oh, I also found a couple of leftover pics from Colleen's camera that I didn't have on the previous blogs. Here is a shot of my quilting friend, Pam and also a shot of the City Motel back in Knox City


The road finally smoothed out after lunch. They had logged 70 miles. They decided to do the last 50 all the way into Roswell so we will continue to be one complete day ahead. This is kind of importent because of the scarcity of motels. Hopefully we'll all recover well and be ready to take the road to Nogal, NM tomorrow.

The team ended up logging 122.5 miles with the average of 14.5 mph. The two ponies were in the saddle for 8 hours and 36 minutes. The third little pony stayed in the stable all day, but I know she is raring to go tomorrow. Week three looks to be a challenge...as much mentally as physically. Continue to pray for our safe passage and that we will grow as a team through this next week.


The videos may take awhile to upload so be patient or check back in on them tomorrow.

Goodbye from Mountain Time...

Dan here:
So Wynn and I did close to a Silver Wheels double dog dare. But try doing it on rough chip and seal roads for the first 70 miles. Also, we had side winds from the south all day, except for 10 miles that were uphill and into the wind. I guess this is just the start of the tough New Mexico days.
So stay tuned, I think we have some struggles ahead.

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Did anyone call the crop maise?

by kathy caywood

Colleen: that Mexican food will get you every time!! So sorry to hear you had to SAG today ... are you? Sorry, that is? Sounded like one heck of a day. Glad you are all safe and (?sound). Looking forward to the next couple of days! Looks like some real challenges ahead. Stay safe; keep hydrating; and remember to stop and smell the roses (er sagebrush) every once in a while :)

by Ev Roob

Congrats, have been enjoying blog. Yes, desolate terrain but will be changing as you head into Arizona. Great to see you working together, but playing wheel tag is too close. Been riding here,with some minor blowouts and a friends unsuccessful attempt to get back on bike path without some road rash. Valerie and I continuing to pray and rejoice with each day you roll those miles under your wheels. Thanks again for taking time to send blog and enjoy each site and moment God gives you.
Ps. Enjoyed seeing the one eighty youth sign, our youth ministry in Grove City was also Oneeighty for awhile.

by Phil

New Mexico! Give a wave to my brother in Las Cruces while you are out that way. Bless you.

by Peggy

I'm not absolutely sure what the plant(s) are -- you have two pictures and my guess for the spikey plant with the wire fence would be a Yucca plant and the picture below it looks like corn or maise as Kathy suggested. What a difference those daisy flowers make to change the desolate scenery into something beautiful. What do the riders think about the barren desolation of the landscape??? Years ago I road TASSLE from Berea to Toledo and back and the hardest part of the ride was through the flat cornfields. Hope the wind has died down for you all.

by Wendy Miller

How about sorghum for that crop?

Sorry to hear that Colleen had to sit out a day.
Hope you all do so well tomorrow...that's a lot of miles!

by Bakers

I tried to warn you about there being a whole lot o' nothin' here in New Mexico. The scenery does improve as you pass through. It is the most diverse state in terms of its geology and topography. The first photo is yucca, the second is millet. It looks like corn/maize, but has clusters of little round seeds often found in birdseed. In addition to snakes, this is tarantula mating season, so you may see some of them crossing the roads. They are shy and harmless unless provoked. Keep calm and pedal on! Cousin Eda

by Eda Weddington

Wow, what a big day - 122 miles in rough conditions. Glad to hear Colleen is feeling better.
I think your crop is millet. If you've ever bought inexpensive bird seed, it is the #1 ingredient. Enjoy NM "The Land of Enchantment."
Charlie & Susan Eavenson

by Charlie Eavenson

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