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Wichita Falls or Bust

Woke up to two, not one, flat tires

90 °F
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Good day to all of our faithful followers.
We had such a good night's sleep, in spite of the fact that the Indians ended their season last night. Karen was safely picked up by her friends from Fort Worth. We shall miss her and her pictures too. I apologize in advance for the pictures I will be posting ( not much of a photographer - usually leave that to my Ryan, Jenna or Kristen. ) This room had two queens and a pullout sofa so we did not have to set the cot up for Dan. I forgot to ask him if there was a bar in his back all night long. Anyways, the team went out to pump the tires before the morning ride and were met with two flats, one on Colleen's bike and a hole in one of Wynn's that they thought needed to be changed as well. We may have to hit a walmart and pick up a few more tubes! Glad the busts were found before they hit the trail today. Hopefully no more flats today.

I spent the morning cleaning the van, making sandwiches, mapping out a few hotels for the upcoming days and then headed to breakfast. Full service was provided with eggs, waffles, fruit, ect... I also got the ice container filled for the ice chest. Supper planning was next on the list and then a run to Walmart for the needed ingredients. My service light came on to show that "the pony trailer" needed an oil change so I will look to do that while I am in Lubbock.
(Can you believe, waffles in the shape of the state of Texas?)


The team is back to riding along Rt 82. After a stop in St Jo for water and bathroom, the team and I will connect in the town of Henrietta for lunch. We get to pass through Belcherville which should bring some fun comments... Back later!

So I made the trip down Rt 82...speed limit is 75 down here and there were several times that I was riding the berm so pig trucks could pass me on a double yellow going 80+ mph. Whew, my hands were sweating. But I did get a few pictures off the berm so you could see this part of the drive.


The riders got about 6 miles outside of Henrietta when they ran out of water, absolutely nothing on this stretch, so I met them at a little roadside rest ( no water, restrooms...but did have shade) we filled up bottles which allowed them to make Henrietta for lunch. We ate at a Shell station. They had a little shady area with a picnic table. I made a little friend too...made me think of Sharia and how fortunate I am to have Bob and Evelyn taking care of her.


The team decided to forego the afternoon stop with me and I got a couple of pics of them riding through.


The riders got a taste of their first bike trail today. All concrete and out in the open...not very scenic. The riders rode into the hotel (Holiday Inn Express). They rode 88.3 miles at 14.2 mph in 6 hours and 20 minutes. The riders all agreed that Wynn did a wonderful job navigating the tour off Rt 82 and through the city, onto the bike trail and back through the city to the hotel. Hurrah for Wynn! Tonight we are staying at a nice place with a great view. We're eating a spaghetti skillet meal tonight.


So now that the Indians have lost, I guess we will try to find the Browns game tonight :)
Tomorrow we have a 110 mile on the slate...we'll see. I told Wynn to utilize the SAG if needed to balance out the miles. The heat is tremendous but our ponies keep pushing. I'm still so proud of them! 1250 total miles have been ridden thus far. That's 47% of our total tour.

Galloping along,
(Happy Birthday to Jenna, our daughter-in-law)

Wynn here:

While the application is similar, I don't think that Ecclesiastes 4:12 was written for cyclists. But I think that for Dan, Colleen, and me, the verse has been very true. We all have doubted ourselves at times. With the three of us helping each other, we are stronger than each of us on our own. "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken." We peddle on.

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Answers for Wendy Miller - I agree about Paul Stutzman. I think he just started riding with littel or no preparation.

The wraps on Colleen's arms are sun guards to keep the sun off the arms and are supposed to keep you cooler. The mileage is published today in the blog at 1,250 miles ridden. 1,384 miles to go.

by Wynn Gerber

Hi Brenda and Wynn. Miss you guys and Sharia too. We really enjoy all the pictures you have been posting. Stay safe. The Millers

by Kathy Miller

Really enjoying the blog and pictures. I am in awe of what all of you have accomplished so far...while I enjoy your trip from my recliner!!! Congrats to all and continued prayers for everyone's safety.

by Barbara Hartley

Sounds like you are doing exceedingly well! Hope you do not get too lonely now, Brenda--plus you will probably have to make more decisions on your own too.

Make God continue to protect all of you and bless you with great energy and many opportunities to share His love as you roll along.

Thanks for sharing each day--it's fun to follow you!

Brad and Sue

by Brad and Sue

So glad everyone is still doing SO well! You are all so amazing! When I heard that DAN ran out of water, I guess you all took to heart my plea to remind him to drink - thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Looking forward to hearing about tomorrow's adventure.

Love, Ev

by Ev Roob

"Deep in the heart of Texas!" You guys are deep in our hearts as well. Praying for all of you. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.
Charlie & Susan Eavenson

by Charlie Eavenson

Brenda, the pictures of the cyclists are great! See, you don't need me!
Sorry about the flat tires, glad they found them before they started!
Miss you guys!

by Karen

Really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for keeping everyone up to date on what is happening. Everyone is in good hands with Brenda taking care of them that's for sure. Wynn...Bob is settling in just fine so take your time :)

by Denise Chernay

Wynn -stay safe and keep the rubber side down. See you back at Beacon Place. You're making me feel guilty about not going down to the fitness center!!

by Michael Y

I meant to say how much I liked the pictures of the riders silhouetted on the horizon -- that is such a classic style photo of bike riders. That might make a good print on a T-shirt or poster, don't you think?

by Wendy Miller

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