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Dear friends, an unexpected lighthouse and meeting Abe

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2759.5 miles on the van and we have completed our Fall Foliage 2021 adventure. What a wonderful trip. God blessed us with incredible weather, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to meet up with dear friends. After a great night of sleep on a comfortable king bed, we woke up to rain. No way would I complain. We got everything loaded pretty quickly and headed off to Westfield, OH to visit with Thayne and Joy Bodenmiller. We drove past the Welch's plant and it smelled so grape-ish! Yum!
It was so good to see our friends and catch up on each other's kids, homes and ministries. Saw the pics too. These two people had such an impact on our lives. Pastor Thayne married us 41 years ago and we have stayed in touch these many years. We shared many memories at Midview Baptist and Camp Patmos. We will need to make another trip there because we couldn't get done talking. We had a lovely lunch and yes, I had a small piece of Joy's cake for dessert.


They took us on a quick tour of some of the sites in Westfield. We saw the statues of Lincoln and Grace Bedell. Wynn always wanted to meet Lincoln and got his chance today. Grace was a 12 year old little girl that wrote Lincoln a letter and told him he would probably win the election if he would grow a beard, which would improve his appearance. Abe Lincoln actually came through town and met the little girl and said he had taken her advice and wondered if it helped? He won that election.


We also drove to one of their favorite areas around Lake Erie and were surprised to see the Barcelona Lighthouse. It was in such good shape. I will add it to my collection of Lake Erie Lighthouses. Two of the houses across the street had the “widow windows” the little round or octangular windows at the top of the house where the wives would watch and search for their husbands' boats to come home from the lake. Many lives lost here along the coast. The smaller of the houses here was one of the ending points of the Underground Railroad and the slaves could go into Canada from this stop. We enjoy the history we learn as we see these sites and I hope you do too.


So we had to say our goodbyes and we came home with greetings to all from Midview Baptist who knew and loved the Bodenmiller's. We traveled through a corner of Pennsylvania and then back into Ohio! The van is unloaded and wash piles have been divided. We picked up our mail from the neighbors (Thanks Kathy, Rich and Rick)and I got the grocery shopping done so we have something to eat this week. I will be back full time on the Optavia plan. I can proudly report that I did not gain any weight on our two week adventure…so now to get that final 25 off.
I will leave you with one picture…Wynn is trying to become like his Dad and take over the title of Freebies champion! What am I gonna do with him?
Thanks for traveling along with us. Not sure what our next adventure will be. But I hope you will stop in again…


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Rail Bikes in the Adirondacks

A Unique Experience

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Our final full day and we woke up to rain. I thought to myself, I will certainly not complain after 14 days of beautiful weather!! We did have one partially rainy day early on, but I don't count that cause we got to see the inside of the Vanderbilt Mansion that day. But Wynn assured me that the weather channel said it would stop and indeed it did and we only got a little wet on our rail bike ride. I am glad we took our slickers but we ended up only using them for a short while. We packed up the vehicle, went for a 3000 step walk downtown Old Forge and then went to our 11:00 ride. Here are the pics…I particularly liked the one of pine trees lining one side of the tracks and fall colors on the other side. It was a gray day so colors are more muted. Wynn kept laughing and saying how crazy this was. It was fun to try something new. We both thought we would not prefer recumbent bikes over regular…too hard on the lower back. But we were so glad we got to experience this.


And that will conclude our time in the Adirondacks. We are driving to Utica now to see the train station there and then will be heading to visit one of my favorite college roommates -The infamous Elaine Gregory! (The queen of Funny Christmas Cards. ) I will finish this blog post later tonight after we are tucked in for the night. I will add any pics along the way.

We arrived at the Hampton Inn Brockport, NY around 5pm. We didn’t see anything to write home about in Utica so Wynn drove and then I finished up the drive. We got everything unloaded and then headed to the Golden Eagle Diner across the road to meet up with Elaine. We stayed there until they closed the place down. It was such a fun visit telling stories of PE classes, family and of course Cedarville memories. We will definitely need to do this again. Meal was good and company was great. So thankful that it worked to get together!


So it is a shorter post today but a wonderful end to our traveling. Tomorrow we head for home with a stop at Thayne and Joy's home. Pastor Bodenmiller married Wynn and me over 41 years ago. But more than that they were our friends. We look forward to catching up with them in Westfield, NY before the last two hours home. We feel so blessed to be able to include visits with friends along with the beauty and time together that we had on this two week adventure. Good night! 💤

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We Loved Vermont and The Green Mountains

Waterfalls found and then a beautiful drive into NY and the Adirondack Mountains

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We are enjoying every minute as we start our trek back towards Ohio. Both Wynn and I got up a couple of times and looked out the window to see if we could catch a bear or moose in the parking lot…no such luck. But we did get a wonderful, full-blown breakfast by the breakfast chef. His potato frittata was wonderful and the homemade apple turnovers were hard to resist. So I didn't !
Here is a couple of pics from our bed and breakfast.

We got on the road around 8:30am and started our leaf peeping and waterfall search. Oh what fun, with a couple of more jewels along the way. (This is what Wynn has called the little unexpected and unplanned stops that the Lord gives us along the way. ) We saw some pretty scenery along the way to our first jewel. In the town of Waitsfield, there were two barns that were listed as highlights so we drove past both of them. One was the Skinner barn and then the Round Barn.


Our first jewel was a path to Blueberry Lake. We walked about a quarter-mile and came out to see the lake shining in the sunshine. The colors of the trees all around us was brilliant.


Then we actually drove on some dirt roads and found a pull off where we found our second jewel of the day. It was another waterfall named Moss Glen Falls. I wonder if it is connected to the one we saw yesterday? It is a ways apart…I will have to research this later. The path back was a half mile or so and was well traveled. And we were rewarded with this beautiful falls.


So our first waterfall on the day's route was a falls called Texas Falls in…you guessed it, Hancock - ha! It was located in the Green Mountains National Forest. It was a beautiful hike, about a mile or so in total and we were able to get our 3000 steps in too!


Another 30 minutes down the road and we came to Killington, VT to see Thundering Falls. I took a couple of pics of a cool little church on the way. I may add quaint churches with steeples to my list of pics to take here and there. I like water towers too…but I digress!
When we walked back to Thundering Falls we also saw markers for the Appalachian Trail. Doubt we will ever do that walk, but I still find it interesting! Enjoy the falls.


I just can’t stop taking pics of the scenery along the way. I love views of mountainsides, water and sunshine. Here's a few more on our way to Buttermilk Falls in Ludlow, VT. It took us a while to find the entrance and then when we got there we discovered there were three different fall locations, High, middle and low. All different and all lovely. I'm going to try to put a few videos at the end that show these beautiful falls. We'll see!
This section includes the pics from the middle falls. It's the one we found first.


Wynn and I were sure that the three sisters were here earlier and placed these acorns here for us!


Here are the pics of the low falls and the last two are from the high falls. I thought I was gonna fall and break my neck on those last ones. Wynn didn't venture down for this one…just poked his head through the trees to see it. I didn't go very far down either… (bonus if you can find me sitting on a rock above one of the three falls.)


With our list completed, Wynn drove us to get the van filled with gas before we entered New York. Then I drove us into New York and the town of Old Forge. Wynn took many pics along the way. (I told him to get some shots, and ai have created a monster! Lol ) He got some great pics that I'm including here.


We checked into a little motel that I will not mention cause it is not anywhere I would recommend…but the bed and bath are clean so it will be good enough for one night. We got our stuff moved in and then headed out to eat at The Mill. Food was great and quick! We enjoyed our meals and then headed to see where we will be rail-biking tomorrow. Praying that the little shower they are predicting tomorrow at noon will miss us. I'll tell ya all about it tomorrow! Goodnight, Sleep Tight and Don't let the bed bugs bite!


So we have been through many states and have seen many signs for Moose and moose crossings, but we have not had the pleasure of seeing one. These will have to do.


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Waterfalls and Jewels along the Way

Vermont Adventures: Leaf Peeping is such fun!

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Stowe, Vermont is a hustlin', bustlin' kind of town. Felt very artsy and eclectic. The place we are staying tonight is so far the opposite. It butts up against a state park and the first thing I was told is make sure all your doors and windows are locked since the bears like to come visiting every night. We are in a cute little bed and breakfast called The White Horse and it is so far out that restaurants don't deliver. We ate lunch in town so we are good for the night. But I have gotten ahead of myself. We started the day with some low lying fog and we wondered if it would mar our leaf peeping today. But it didn't last long.


The first part of our adventure was to visit a local waterfall called Moss Glen Waterfall. It was in a very rustic state park but we didn't have trouble finding it. We started back in and saw a little rippling over some rocks and I thought, oh bother, what if this is it? But was I in for a sight. We walked farther and we could start to hear it. The path stopped at an opening that led down into the river bed. Then Wynn saw another path winding up higher through the trees so he climbed up and told me to come, it was worth the slippery path. I pulled myself up and was rewarded with a beautiful sight. Glen Moss Waterfall was a great way to start our day.


So now our plan was to head off to Waterbury, VT. We had 2 things on our list and we already knew that Ben and Jerry's was closed. We couldn’t even get in the drive to take proper pics because they were demo-ing the driveway. Is that a word??


We did see some pretty scenery along the way.
And we did find the Cold Hollow Cider Mill and what a fun place to shop and snack. The press was not in operation today but they had a lot of freshly pressed cider and it was so cold and so good! There were a couple of enemy buses that beat us there, but we made it through the line pretty quickly. Of course we bought some Vermont maple syrup along with some cider and cider donuts (what they are most famous for)


Then we drove along hwy 100 again and arrived in Burlington,VT right on the shores of Lake Champlain. I think I remember reading that it is the 6th largest fresh water lake in USA…not sure if that's accurate.🤪 There we’re a couple of beautiful old bridges on the way.

We wanted to see the waterfront and maybe take a bike ride along the coast. Wynn had gotten all the directions and we were excited to do around a 15 mile ride. Well we pulled into the parking lot and the path was closed, under construction. We were disappointed. I did not want to work my way through the busy streets again. So we decided to drive to the end of our path and see if we could work our way backwards until the path closed. What we found instead was a jewel that God gave us.

Here is a summary of the ride from Brenda’s viewpoint (B) and Wynn’s viewpoint (W):
(B) We would not have seen this part of the ride…we pulled into Airport Park and found a trail that went across a causeway until the road actually just came to an end. (W) Road conditions were crushed limestone but generally smooth. (B) It was soooo beautiful. (W) We had a tailwind on the way out but a stiff headwind on the return. (B) The path was long and straight and water was on both sides. We could see mountains on either side of us as well. (W) The ride was 8 miles and took a little less than an hour. (B) I stopped to take pics along the way of islands, mountains, waves and selfies. Like I said, it was beautiful! (W). Like she said, it was beautiful!!


The end of the road…stop or end up in the drink!


We loaded back up our bikes and decided to catch some Applebee’s at 2pm since we knew there was not much in eating out where we were headed. Then it was time to get to our next destination, The White Horse Bed and Breakfast. And that is where I started this writing…we have a cute room, on the small side, but more than sufficient. And there is a lovely sitting room with freshly baked cookies and the setting is so quiet. Plus we get a full breakfast buffet here. All of the places so far that posted they had free breakfast have pared it down to prepackaged muffins, some breakfast bars and sometimes a little fruit. I've been sticking with my fuelings, but poor Wynn. Tomorrow we finally get the real deal.
So you can bet that we will be partaking. Here are a couple pics of our little room. I feel like I am staying in Mom Gerber's pink room…


As for tonight we are going to catch up on some reading and watch for bears. Tomorrow we will be on the search for waterfalls again. Til then…


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The Kancamagus Scenic Byway Lived Up To It’s Billing!

A Day Filled with Gorgeous!

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34 miles of color and we did not get tired or seeing it. 230 pics later and I don't even know where to start today…so I chose the road map that we followed. I will attempt to be choosy with the pics include, but please come visit and I'll show you the whole collection. Wynn and I kept exclaiming around every corner how beautiful it was. We loved the layers of green grass, bright colored trees, a muted line further up and then a dark evergreen line or rock line on the mountains above. We loved the layering.
We started our daily adventure at the Ranger Station in Conley, NH. We were at the Saco River and could see the first covered bridge before we entered the Park. The Saco Covered bridge is seen here.




The next highlight came at mile marker 6.1 -The Albany Covered Bridge. This bridged the Swift River. We pulled into the parking lot with not 1 but 2 tour buses. Reminded us of Israel when Micky, our tour guide would tell us we needed to leave early to beat the enemy buses!


At marker 6.8 we saw and hiked around the lower falls. We were happy to have our hiking sticks. Wynn had to get a new one (it has Acadia Nat'l Park on it) He snapped his other one in two around Jordan Pond when he tried to let a couple pass and his stick got caught between rocks and he went down. We had much better luck this day!


Mile marker 9.0 marks the Rocky Gorge - a beautiful flume and falls. We walked around this too and took many pics. Here's a selection…


While we were at this gorge, we took a hike back in on Lovequist Trail to Fall's Pond. The reflection of the trees on the water really was breath taking!


Mile Marker 12.5 was the exit for Russell-Colbath Historic House and Barn. We had decided not to stop here but as we were driving by, I saw the barn from the photo and snapped a pic of it as we drove by. It reminded me of looking for the famous barn in the Grand Tetons with Karen, my sis-in-law a few years back. I think my pic looked as good as the one on the website!


Then we loaded back up in the van and drove to Mile marker 15.4 to see Sabbaday Falls. We hiked up and down the path for another .6 miles to see the waterfall and emerald pool. There were a few more “enemies” here so we kept moving as we could.


The last pic above made me laugh because he stood there for several minutes trying to figure out how to get back down from a rock he had climbed for a pic. I know this is what I look like too! Wynn is just too kind to take a pic of me…lol
Now we have a few pics from overlooks. It is far less vibrant than seeing the real thing but I hope it gives you an idea of what vastness we saw as we looked up at the mountainsides.

17.3- Sugar Hill, 21.8 CL Graham Overlook, 21.9 Pemi Overlook, 23.3 Unnamed Overlook( yes, that's really what it is called), and 23.8 Hancock Overlook. Enjoy the beauty…


Then we went to mile marker 27 to visit the Otter Rocks. Now we definitely did not see any otters. I tried to become one by slipping on the rocks after getting my pics, but no harm, no foul and not even a booboo!


Lincoln Woods was our last stop at Mile 30.0. Here we saw a suspension bridge and walked across to see the views of the river.


We finished the 34 miles and our ride on the Kancamagus was complete. We finished around noon and we had a short drive to the Flume Gorge which was located in a state park. We had 2:00 tickets for the hike as they tried to limit how many people walked the gorge at the same time. This was a fairly strenuous walk for us. It was 2.1 miles and it took us about 90 minutes to complete. There were a lot of ups and downs and stairs. The pics are a mix between the flume waterfalls and settling pools. It was gorgeous and powerful!


Ok, maybe I got a little carried away with the last set of pics, but there are a lot more where those came from. We finished the hike and had a little ice cream to celebrate coming out alive. No pics here as I don't want to incriminate myself. We then pulled up the atlas as we had no GPS service for awhile. I think we did pretty good navigating the old fashioned way. We drove out of New Hampshire and into Vermont. We are spending the night in Stowe at a place called the Golden Eagle resort. The town was crazy busy and I don't know exactly what all was going on but we were ready for our room and calling it a night. We did have some disappointing news tonight…we were going to visit Ben and Jerry's tomorrow and found out they are not giving tours because of the dreaded Covid AND their scoop shop is closed on Wednesdays. Oh my, the pain of it all! So Wynn looked up some other stuff to do and I will write about that tomorrow night. What a fun-filled glorious day. More adventures to come tomorrow! Enjoy the last couple of pics from the drive tonight!D92759B1-0DC5-4E43-810A-2025B4819A53.jpeg02A9FEC5-7E63-45A0-9FED-6FDC5750468C.jpeg753F103F-8F95-48F2-85AF-DEFACA180D04.jpegA647DF18-FEB2-4944-839B-62077CB1DCDB.jpegB8656097-E26D-4EFB-B75E-940C68E172F9.jpegAF0013D0-0A6B-4579-A24C-5BCA27C40C67.jpeg0B6595B9-D7AB-4F0C-91F4-FA3BAA9E64F1.jpeg109FB57C-8058-4139-96D2-0D4FD9219A0D.jpeg

The last one is for Scott!

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